Ryecroft Judo Club, Nottinghamshire

Ryecroft Judo Club is one of the oldest and most successful Judo Clubs in Nottinghamshire and the UK. Established in 1957 and still going strong.

British Judo Association and British Judo Council accredited 

Permanent dojo based at Beeston Youth and Community Centre

Over 100 active members ranging from as young as 5 up to 85 years

About our club

Ryecroft Judo Club has long been a member of the British Judo Association, and more recently became a member of the British Judo Council. We are all one, and we pride ourselves in being able to offer help and support to all members and visitors alike.

The clubs reputation spans well over 60 years, being based out of the current permanent dojo at Beeston Youth and Community Centre.

With over 100 active members ranging from as young as 5 up to 85, boasting a variety of skill levels from beginners and recreational judoka, to elite players aiming to be the best in the UK and beyond.

The Club has produced hundreds of black belts over the decades, as well as National and International Champions year on year.

Our coaching team draws upon their vast experience and offers a full range of tuition covering all aspects of the sport. All new members are welcome regardless of experience, age, gender, disability or ethnicity. The coaches have the experience and patience to cater for all abilities, and welcome everyone with open arms.

Everyone at the club is friendly and willing to help one another. Whether you are looking to get fit or want to take the sport to a higher level, we have some great coaches and experienced players, some who have competed and trained internationally, all available to help pass on their skills. The talent at the club is one of the main reasons players from around the UK are attracted to train at the club.

Bring your family and friends down to see what Judo is all about. If you have never done Judo before – the first time is free so get in touch today and find out which session would be suitable.

Why learn Judo with Ryecroft?

For kids, judo would be a good choice as its a safe and fun activity that builds fitness and self-confidence.

Judo training has many forms for different interests. Some students train for competition by sparring and entering the many tournaments available. Others study the traditional art form at a more recreational pace. For some, self defence, fun and fitness are the main goals.

Black belts are expected to learn all of these aspects of Judo.

At Ryecroft Judo Club we support all students in helping achieve whatever their personal goal is. The club has helped well over 100 people reach the coveted award of black belt, with our highest graded member being IJF 8th Dan.

Many judo techniques can also be employed as a means of self-defence. In addition to learning how to use these techniques, the environment they are taught in provide a level of confidence and assurance to deal with many threatening situations.

Opening times & classes

Tots Judo

5 - 7 years. Parents/Guardians welcome to join in

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
19:00 — 20:00

Junior Beginner/

7 - 11 years

Wednesdays & Fridays
19:00 – 20:30

Junior Intermediate/

8 – 16 years

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
19:00 – 20:30

Senior Beginner/

14 years+

Wednesdays & Fridays
20:30 - 22:00

Senior Advanced

15 Years+

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
20:30 - 22:00

Have a question?

We'd love to hear from you, so if you've any questions about our classes, times or facilities, please do get in touch.

How to Become a Member

Step 1: Membership

To become a member, firstly please fill in our online membership form [opens in a new tab] and then sign up for one of our payment plans shown in step 2 below. This will allow us to set you up with our online booking system.

NOTE: First session free if you want to come and discuss options before joining.

Annual Club Membership — £30
Players pay less per session if a member

Step 2: Payment Options

Please sign up for our Monthly Payments below, where you will be able to securely setup a direct debit via GoCardless which will be automatically linked to your membership. Currently we do not operate a cash payment option within the club. Visitors are still very welcome on an ad hoc basis. If you visit regularly, then please go to Step 1 and join as a member.

BRONZE £20/m
1 session per week

SILVER £30/m
2 sessions per week

GOLD £40/m
3 sessions per week

Lifetime membership/
None Participation Membership

Visitors are still very welcome on an ad hoc basis. If you visit regularly, then please go to Step 1 and join as a member.

Step 3: Paperwork

1: Please make sure you've filled in our Membership Form [external link]
2: Please read our Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers [PDF], and —
3: the BJA Child Protection Policy [PDF]

Step 4: Book your classes

Once you have filled in our membership form and signed up for a plan, to book your classes and manage your membership going forward you will be required to download the Coacha app, or login to the Coacha website (https://www.coacha.co.uk) using the password you created when registering as a member.

Here you will be able to access and manage all of your membership and class booking options.

If you are having problems accessing your booking page or can’t remember your password, please get in touch with us to create a new password - coachaproblems@ryecroftjudoclub.co.uk

Step 5: Get your Judo License

You must obtain a Judo License within 4 weeks of becoming a member of the Judo Club: bjadojo.co.uk

Step 6: Any questions?

Get in touch with any questions or queries: membership@ryecroftjudoclub.co.uk — we look forward to welcoming you as a new member!

Where are we?

Ryecroft Judo Club
Beeston Youth and Community Centre
Robinet Road

We'd love to hear from you

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